Founded in 2021 by professionals with decades of trust experience, Fieldpoint Private Trust was created with a modern vision of customization and continuity.

Continuity of Understanding and Advice

We understand the essential nature of your relationship with your trusted wealth advisor. At Fieldpoint Private Trust, your trust remains closely aligned with the advisor team that deeply understands your objectives and will provide continuity of advice over time consistent with that understanding. This manifests in investment strategy and trust administration that remain faithful to your intentions.

Deep Respect for Independent Advice

We were not established with the self-interest of driving investment assets into an in-house money manager, but instead to serve as an independent trust administrator and source of advice, always true to the intentions of the grantor. We embrace structures in which the investment management is based on an open architecture platform, advised according to the wishes of the grantor.

A Most Sensible Situs

While a trust can be domiciled anywhere, we chose South Dakota, whose trust laws have earned widespread recognition as the most trust-friendly domicile (or “situs”) in the country.

Our trust administration team is powered by South Dakota Trust Company, with a team dedicated to Fieldpoint Private’s services, defined by client-first excellence earned through 20 years of experience in the modern trust era.