We are a new kind of trust company in an era very much in need of one, offering trusts that benefit from the most progressive trust laws in the country, and a purposeful congruity with the advisors and professionals on whom you rely the most.

The Fieldpoint Trust Story

A New Kind of
Trust Company

We provide delegated and directed trusts, and a full range of trust services, in America’s best trust situs. Importantly, we respect deeply your relationship with your trusted wealth advisor, and work to ensure your trust remains closely aligned with the advisor team that best understands your objectives and will provide continuity of advice over time.

Estate Says It Lacked Liquidity To Pay Taxes Without Loans

As appeared in “Tax Notes Today Federal,” April 16, 2023, by Erin McManus. The estate of a widow of a regional bank founder is challenging a $5.47 million estate tax deficiency arising from alleged additional unreported lifetime gifts and understated valuations, and from disallowed interest on loans to pay expenses. Carolyn…

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