Your Trust Can be Anywhere.
Why South Dakota?

The state representing the location (or situs) of your trust can make the difference between performance that meets your wishes, or falls far short.

America’s Most Modern Trust State

As a Fieldpoint Private Trust client, your trust will reside in South Dakota. Thanks to the nation’s most modern trust laws, the absence of state tax on trust assets1, top of the line asset protection and privacy laws and a host of other reasons, South Dakota has earned a reputation as the most advanced, creative and progressive trust jurisdiction in America, rated #1 by Trusts and Estates magazine2.

1. Subject to limitations which may apply based on state of residence
2. Trusts and Estates, 2020

South Dakota was one of the first states to introduce the concept that a trust could be designed to exist in perpetuity and transfer assets generation after generation, free of the tax system that has historically eroded so much wealth from so many families.

Moreover, thanks to favorable statutes the state offers strong domestic asset protection, helping to insulate trust property interests from access by third parties. This asset-protection strength extends to LLCs and LPs, as well.

South Dakota Trust Company Strength
and Experience


Over $100 billion in trust assets under administration


Over 25% of the Forbes 400 advised


Over 100 billionaires and 300 centimillionaires among current clients


600 years of combined experience