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1031 Exchanges As Powerful Real Estate Investment Tools

A Practical Guide to Leverage Their Benefits and Avoid Potential Pitfalls 1031 Exchanges – A Primer 1031 exchanges are a powerful tool. For the savvy real estate investor, a 1031 exchange can reduce risk and increase diversification. In short, the investor can redeploy assets into other types/classes of real estate…

Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT)

If you want to place an asset in trust for your children, but don’t personally need or want to draw an annuity from it, you may like the idea of that asset providing an annuity to a charity instead. This is the role of the Charitable Lead Annuity Trust. In…

Dynasty Trust

The dynasty trust enables families to protect and accumulate wealth, unlike any other planning technique.

Spousal Limited Access Trust (SLAT)

Remove over $23 million from your taxable estate while effectively retaining the use of those assets for your family, protecting them from creditors, possibly for perpetuity.